Chromebook vs Windows Tablet

This is a special Technology posting from the Tucson Food Guy…

Lately I have been using both a Samsung Chromebook and a Samsung Ativ Tablet PC… I like them both. Actually I like the Chromebook better. But my go to for now is going to be the Tablet PC…

I look forward to the day when the Chromebook will be my only travel computer, but that is a bit off. Here is what needs to happen…

1) Support for GoToMeeting. Kiwanis uses GotoMeeting for a lot of webinars and also for our District Board meetings. Chromebook can not run GotoMeeting right now. Run it and your closer to my business.

2) Tablet – I like having the tablet with the Keyboard dock of the Ativ… If and when Chromebook goes to Tablet form which rumors say could happen and they have a proper keyboard dock then I would get it.

The only computer I left off which I did have was the Microsoft Surface Pro… It was too heavy… The Ativ does everything the surface pro did but less weight. Come on MS… You can do better.

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