Coming Soon… Pizzeria Bianco

3 hour wait for a pie… You gotta be kidding me? Nope. That is normal at the Phoenix eatery of Chris Bianco. It must be worth it to have people waiting that long. I mean you can get pizza anywhere. But this is a Bianco pie. It is the top of the pizza world, well at least the national pizza scene.

Rated as one of the best pizza places in the nation by countless news outlets and surveys. This place is the pizza mecca. But Michael, they don’t have the fancy certificate and number from Naples like Vero Amore. Well maybe not, but they have something that Vero Amore nor no other pizza place have, a James Beard award.

Well I have never tasted the pizza heaven that is Bianco. Well consider it is a 2 hour drive to Phoenix, plus you have the 3 to 4 hour wait. Well I can’t handle that for a pizza. But alas, have no fear, Chris Bianco and his pizza will be near…

That’s right, Chris will be opening his trademark Pizza location here in Tucson. It is part of the downtown revitalization that is sweeping through Tucson. I think it will be a welcomed addition. If Chris keeps to his ways of using local sourced foods as much as possible and if Chris becomes part of the Tucson community I think Chris has what it takes in his character as told by others, me never have met him, to overcome the Tucson-Phoenix rivalry that has made victim many a restauranteur that has tried to make Tucson their second home.

Once Chris comes to town I hope to try his pizza. Right now Vero Amore is my favorite pie in Tucson but I am always willing to try new pie. Does the Tucson Food Guy know Pizza? I would say so… I am from Pizza Pedigree. My cousins have owned and operated Denino’s Pizza on Staten Island, named one of the best pizza places in New York since 1937. Denino’s will always be the best pie I have ever eaten.

Hopefully Bianco’s Tucson Pizza will take the place of the family as the best pizza in my heart.

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