Did somebody say Pho?

Well I love Pho. It is such a wonderful dish. I never really thought I could love Soup for a meal, as it was always a side. But Pho is so different. This Vietnamese dish is a simple and wonderful meal.

I get Pho whenever I can. I usually like Dao’s Pho here in Tucson. They make the best. I will review Dao in another entry.
So what is Pho. Well it is a soup. The base of the soup is a beef broth. They cook it with Vietnamese spices.  They use Rice Noodles. I get it with Tripe, Meatballs, and Beef. You can have it with any protein you want. They also serve it with Jalapenos, Thai Basil, and other veggies.
When I get in the mood for it I order in or go to my local Vietmenese restaurnat. I live in a University city so I have many of them. But for my readers who may not live close to one I have an alternative…
1) Buy a good Pho base. I use one that I get on Amazon and I included the link below. Make according to the directions
2) Add the protein and cook until just about done.
3) Add the rice noodles and cook until tender.
4) Get some Asian Veggies like Sprouts and some Chilis.
5) Add a good Vietnamese hot sauce to your liking.
6) ENJOY!!!!
Now you can make Pho anytime you like.
And for those less adventurous I also included a Ready to Eat Version for you to look at…

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